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Title: Marketing international et son rôle dans l'activation du processus d'exportation hors le secteur de l'hydrocarbure - étude de cas de conserveries Amor Ben Amor-.
Authors: بن عربية مونية
Keywords: marketing international, stratégie d'exportation, export marketing-mix
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2016
Abstract: Today, the world is experiencing rapid changes in various areas to make the institutions seeking to keep pace with these changes, where the goal was to the past to enjoy only the fact that demand exceeds supply, but after the passage of these institutions of the phase of the revolution in the industrial révolution of consumer administration and administration of marketing leads to many challenges taken from institutions involved in these challenges to the adoption of new strategies and flexible towards the competitive survival environment and maintenance of its market share in a market characterized by competition, what makes international marketing so important for his analysis of the international situation and the study of foreign markets and divided in order to choose the market that contains the greatest chances of success as well as to devise strategies into these markets, To enter the international market, the company must consider the needs and desires of consumers and respond through appropriate marketing mix, and this in order to promote non-oil of the Algeria exports and the fact that the Algeria is a country in development and exporter of oil, is seeking to diversify their exports and not relying on a single product and to this end have been allocated Omar Ben Omar for study. Through this problem can be formulated for research as follows: "How International marketing aims to increase exports outside the sector of hydrocarbon ?" And try to address problematic issue, that we used in the study of the case study approach applied to the canneries Omar Ben Omar. And by studying a series of results, including: 1. the survival of Algeria to support the export of the product only and unique and is oil and non-oil exports remain very marginal and very low and has remained at a standstill and had less than 4% of total exports at best. 2 that there is no relationship between international marketing and petroleum exports as international marketing does not work on the increase in non-oil exports, according to the needs of your organization.
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