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Title: A Novel Adaptive Operation Mode based onFuzzy Logic Control of Electrical Vehicle
Authors: O.lkaa
Keywords: Adaptive Operation Mode, EnergĂȘtic Macroscopic Representation, Maximum Confol Structure ,Fuzzy'Logic,Electric Vehicle;
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: This research study presents an Adaptive Operation Mode (AOM) of an Electric Vehicle (EV) in order to reduce its energy consumption. This AOM can be Economic, Dynamic or Eco-Dynamic (EOM, DOM or EDOM) according to the battery State Of Charge (SOC). The control principle is based on specifrc Adaptive Fuzzy Logic (AFL) combined with the Maximum Control Structure (MCS) of EMR simulator of the studied vehicle. The AFL-MCS contributes to the robustness of motor drives of the vehicle and is used to meet the required autonomy regarding to the SOC. Also, to ensure the reaching and sustaining of speed and stability of the EV conhol with the on-line adaptive EV performances. Finally, the computer simulation results verify the vatidity ofthe proposed controller and developped AOM and demonstrate that the proposed control scheme provides robust dynamic characteristics with saving 107o of SOC.
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