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Title: Bifurcation anarysis of a Buck DC-DC to distributed converter apprid power systems
Authors: Amel Hadri-Hamida
A. Ghoggat
S. Zerouali
Keywords: DC-DC con Bifurcarion . stabiliry J;iir., 'Nonlinear svstem§ '
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: The aim of this. paper is to investigate through a detailed analysis the srabiliry ara Uifurcution'fritem of tne nonlinear phenomena in the Buck DC_DC .oir"rt".. Sr.t, a study may lead to a better explanation of the dynamics behaviours of t}re converter. First, a nonlinear system modelling is derived for open-roop Buck csnverter with iil",]ïl]:: of the input currenr ànd the output votrage. r ne rarge-srgnar time-domain nonlinear uu"rugld moder is used to understand the interaction on the JïôJ r.uf" ,rirg nonlinear analysis techniques. The model is eÀnoed for the closed-loop system while emptoyirg u j.op".rior"f_ integral control solution. After thË rrt,r3] "riryJrs of this M::iA:1TC,:Ol NaTnd stabitity region identiflcation, we utilize the and MATLAB fackages to unufyr" tf," detailed bifurcation scenario u, i*pJnuni puJri"r"r, u." varied. The analysis shows how insiabitities .un o""* on the slow and fast scales. The simutation was p".io.rn"O to explore the dynamic performance.
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