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Title: Path following behavior for neuro -fu zzy controller Lakhmissi Cherroun . Mohamed Boumehraz an autonomous mobile robot using neuro -fu zzy controller
Authors: Lakhmissi Cherroun
Mohamed Boumehraz
Keywords: Mobile robot . path following . Neuro_fuzzy controller . Hybrid learning . Moving target pursuing
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: This paper presents a navigation method for an autonomous mobile robot. In order to equip the robot by capability of autonomy and intenigenc" i, its environment, the control system must perform many complex informa_ lion processing tasks in real time anA iiis well suited to use the soft-computing techniques. The objective of this paper is to elaborate an intelligent control ,yrt"_ for the path following behavior by mobile robot using a neuro_fuzzy controller. The hybrid approach refers io the way of applying learning techniques offered by neural networks lor fazzy systems parameter identiflcation. The proposed controller is used for pursuing a moving target. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the aÀigr-"d controller
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