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Title: observer desisn for induction motori an approach based on the mean value theorem
Authors: Mohamed Yacine HAMMOUDI
Abdelkarim ALLAG
Keywords: .,,ebserver design, differential mean value theorem (pMVT), sector nonlinearity transformation, linear matrix inequalities (LM!, induction motor
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: In this paper, observer design for. an induction motor has been investigated. The peculiarity of this paper is the slmthesis of a mono-Luenberger observer for highly coupled system. To ffansform the nonlinear error dynamics for the induction motor into the linear parametric varying (LPV) system, the differential . mean' value theorem combined with the sector nonlineàrity transformation has been used. Stabiliÿ cô-hditions based oû the Lyapunov function lead ,to solvàbiliÿ ,of a sôt' of linear matrix inequalities. The proposed observer guarantees the global exponential convergence to zero of the estimation error. Finally, the simulatie results are given to show the performance of the obierver design
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