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Title: 3D.analysis gf-.agnried fierd effect on trapped magnetic fierd during pulsed fieid magnetization oi uutt superconductor
Authors: Mohamed Lotfi Khenel
Lotfi Allou
souri Mohamed Mimoune
Frédéric Bouillault
Mouloud Feliachi
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: External applied fleld efert in magnetization process by pulsed field (pFM) rnethod of rec- tangular bulk superconductor is analysed uy Sotrirrg one in order to show the influence or ti,u :h: A-v magnetic equation coupled to the thermal "*prit"a" of th" u"tu..ri iuià ol-, tt " bulk superconductor' A numerical trupp"d magnetic field of model basËd on the contror,"I;;;;th"d (qvM) has beén deveroped, which uses a power-law model with t"*p*ri".. dependency and magnetic field dependence on critical current density' For low cooling temperature zi" :20 K,u gota airtribî-uÀ or the trapped magnetic fierd of the bulk superconductor is àbtained *t urr *Ë appried high externar flerd.
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