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Title: oprrvllr, cooRDrNATroN oF DrRpcrIoNAL ovnRcuRRENT Rnr,avs tlsrNc PSO-TVAC coNsroERrNG snRrBs CouppNSATIoN
Authors: Nabil MANCER
Bellcacem MAHDAD
Keywords: Directional oa ercurrent relag coord,ination, particle swarrn optimization (PSO), pouer sgstem Ttrotection, series compensation, time aarying acceleration coefficients ( P S O- TUAC ).
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2016
Abstract: The integration of systern compensation such as Series Compensator (SC) into the transmission l'ine malces the coord,,ination of directional ouercurrent in a practical pouer system important and, complex. This article presents an fficient aariant of particle Swatm Optimization (PSO) algorithm baseil on Time- Vary,ing A cceleration C oeffi cients ( p S O - T VA C ) for optimal coordination of d,irectional oaercurrent relays (DOCRs) consi,dering the integration of series compensation. Simulation results are compared, to other methoils to confirm the fficiency of the proposed, uariant PSO in solaing the optimal coord,ination of d,irectional ouercurrent relag in the presence of series compensation.
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