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Title: Novel semi-blind estimation for turbo decoding in impulsive noise channel
Authors: Ali Chemsa
Djamel Saigaa
Ilatem Ghodbane
Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed
Keywords: MAP algorithm ' Impulsive noise ' GGD ' FLOS approach .HOS approach 'RMSE 'BPSK modulation
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2016
Abstract: In order to calculate the branches metric in the maximum a posteriori algorithm of turbo decoder, it is mandatory to know the values of parameters of the noise contaminating the transmitted signal. In the case of a generalized Gaussian distribution impulsive noise, it is very diff,cult to estimate the shape parameter, because the noise is inseparable from transmitted signal at turbo decoder reception. Until now, few researches about shape parameter estimation for an impulsive noise on turbo codes have been presented, and existing estimation methods use only the high order statistics (HOS). In this paper, 'tre propose a novel semi-blind method, that does not use the HOS, to estlmate the shape parameter from only the received signal in the turbo decoder. This method is based on fractonal lower order staĆ¼stics and the probability that the received signal is the same sign as the transmitted signal modulated with BPSK. The results, in terms of root mean square error, show the advantage of our method over other methods using HOS in the case of impulsive noise.
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