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Title: Analysis of Trapped Magnetic Field During Magnetization Process by lJsing spA Method of Bulk superconductor
Authors: Lotfi Allouil
Mohamed Lotfi Khene
Abelin Kamenil
Frederic Bouillault
Souri Mohamed Mimoune
Mouloud Feliachi
Keywords: control stepwise cooling method (loMluM-TP"s- cm)'e thod (cvM), high-temperature superconductor, modified multipulse technique combined with pulsed field'mafrretizaiion fprrul,'r.qo."tial pulsed field applicaüon (spa) method.
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2016
Abstract: Tiapped magnetic ffeld is analyzed {u!ng magnetization pnocesses of bulk superconductor by sequential pulsed field application method at low cooling temperatures of « aira zô r. ca.outions arle p.;il;;a by solving trrË noirin.u" transient ,4-v magnetic equation coupled to the heat equation thanks to a control volume methoà. rhe influence or trr"" porr. ûeld on the trapped field in thl superconductor is presented. ""-il.r of the external magnetic
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