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Title: Caractérisation des crues de oued abiod au droite de la retenue du barrage de foum el guerza biskra
Authors: Rezgui, Zahra
Keywords: Flood - Flood Hydrograph - Characterization flood - flood dynamics - Model Power- wadi Abiod - Foum el Gherza Dam.
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2013
Abstract: For over 50 years, Wadi Abiod has experienced exceptional hydrological events. The study deals with the physical and hydrological characteristics of floods recorded at the dam of Foum El Gherza, which aims to define a typology. Determining the type of river flood Abiod, main river of this basin is semiarid rather difficult due to the randomness and uncertainty experienced hydrometeorological events. A preliminary study was made for the selection of floods that were subsequently analyzed according to several criteria, including the rise time, the shape of the hydrograph, the change in water level, water velocity during the flood, etc.. The whole flood of very acute form occurred in September. Statistical parameters such as skewness and kurtosis have helped to identify the form of floods recorded. Flood dynamics was also studied by determining the dominant model curves rise and decline. Power model summarizes the output more than 50% of relationships for floods
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