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Title: The impact of Human Capital Management on the Innovativeness of research Center: The Case of Scientific Research Centers in Algeria
Authors: Dr/ Souleh Samah
Keywords: Key words: Human Capital Management O15, Knowledge Management M1, Competencies Management O15, innovativeness, Scientific Research Centers in Algeria O3.
Issue Date: 23-Apr-2016
Abstract: Abstract: Nowadays, we are moving towards a knowledge economy where the competitiveness of firms is mainly based on their capacity of innovation, and on the management of their intellectual capital. Moreover, it is widely accepted that firm’s innovation capabilities are more closely linked to their intellectual capital than to their fixed assets. The importance of intellectual capital for innovation has attracted researchers interested in determining its elements and the process by which enhances the innovative capabilities and performance of firms (Carmen Cabello-Medina et al, 2011). ..........
ISBN: 3190-2012
ISSN: 2335-1187
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