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Title: ألبير الاستعماري و كامي الإنساني يكتبان عن بؤس القبائل
Authors: د/ سليم بتقة
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2016
Abstract: This study questioned the foundations of humanist of the cry of injustice launched to the aid of the socio-economic condition disastrous of the Kabyle people by Albert Camus in the series of articles he published between 5 and 15 June, 1939 in Alger-Républicain. Based on the teachings of postcolonial theory, we back that Camus, perhaps without realizing it, pereceived the Kabyles in « Misery of Kabylie » through the filtrer distorting of colonialist representation. On the basis of signs found in the text and with reference to the typology of the colonial actors stage established by Albert Memmi, we have deduced the contents of his report on the Kabyle people bring up the attitude of benevolent colonizer. The investigation report of Camus, did not escape the attention of the kabyle writer Mouloud Feraoun. In the « son of the poor », a classic work of kabyle literature of French expression, Mouloud Feraoun corrects the perception of the Kabyle people by Camus. The son of the poor was an indirect reply to « Misery of Kabylie
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