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Title: مراجعة نقدية لكتاب المثلث لابن السيد البطليوسي
Authors: د/ هالة جعفر عارف العبوشي
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2016
Abstract: Al-Muthalath by Ibn al-Sayyed al-Batalius is a linguistic as well as lexical book. This research presents a critical review of Al- Ibn al-Sayyed al-Batalius’s book, Muthalath, a linguistic as well as lexical book. The research begins by providing biographical information about the author, then a detailed explanation of his method of presentation. For example, Al-Batalius organized his books alphabetically, providing two parts for each letter: one for synonyms and one for antonyms. The review also mentions and comments on some of the illustrative examples provided by the book, including hadith, poetry, proverbs, etc.
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