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Title: من جماليات الإيقاع في الصورة الشعرية (دراسة تطبيقيّة
Authors: د/ مليكة بوراوي
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2016
Abstract: The aesthetics of rhythm in poetic image (empirical study) In the poetry of "IbnHamdis the Sicilian" there are two kinds of music: external and internal. The external music includes the metrical composition and rhymes, and the internal music includes sound study, and words in terms of repetition and musical ringtone, and the link of that to the poet’s feelings. And given that the study of the metrics in the poetry of Ibn Hamdis were treated in some studies, we will concentrate on some models of internal music in the image, taking into account the rhyme, rhythm and sound, word and phrase, and the impact of these elements in the formation of a poetic image and its aesthetic.
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