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Title: أسئلة الرواية الجزائرية( دوافع التاريخ وإرهاصات الواقع)
Authors: محمد حجازي
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Formed the act in accordance with the directions novelist fixed and variable, according to the diversity and affiliation and knowledge. And there were many questions and resonances grown, according to the narrative engine of the perceptions and creative act of writing. The Algerian novel, presented in this site overlap and conflict which has fallen into the disclosure community Mknunat, according to the rules of the question and the search for knowledge and the truth leads. And it came some narrative fiction texts to represent this blatant contradiction community, and reveal some of the questions that also left on the table, the size of community relations and patterns alphabets deep his life and his questions and different.
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