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Title: Quelques procédés à ancrer dans le système financier mondial
Authors: Touati, Abdenour
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Anchoring some processes in the global financial system This article discusses the need to engage some of the banking mechanisms able to strengthen the international financial system, particularly in developing countries. Indeed, under this approach, we raise three phenomena capitalization - so that if the promoters of international financial management persist in their current vision is no doubt that they continue to deny the international monetary system of large flows financial and otherwise, but in case of change of vision along the lines adopted in this article it is quite possible to enhance the mobilization of financial resources locally and internationally. In this context, we raise three processes, which are able to take full advantage of the efforts to mobilize financial resources, the first being the reduction process, properties similar to the goods in mortmain, the second , is made on the curb hoarding religious vocation is a phenomenon which characterizes the Islamic world, so the first and the second processes deal with property and assets belonging to individuals, however, the third and final process is related to sovereign funds or those considered as such, who are at risk of forced hoarding. So that the international financial managers should take a moderate view because sovereign funds are threatened by protectionist policies of some developed countries who receive this category of capital.
Description: Université de Monopoly
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