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dc.contributor.authorعبد الله خبابه-
dc.contributor.authorفائزة لعراف-
dc.description.abstractIt was the increasing trend towards the application of the phenomenon of globalization and the related dimensions of economic opening and integration of financial markets and the free movement of capital and investment across borders, and the openness of all States to each other, now that the issue of international financial stability tops the concerns of States and international financial institutions, especially after the succession of crises - a crisis of Mexico and the financial crisis of Southeast and East Asia, a recent financial crisis and economic crisis of 2008 - which rocked the financial stability and banking and risked economic chaos overwhelming, had a negative impact of the many banking,en_US
dc.titleالأزمات المالية والمصرفية العالمية -السمات والخصائص المشتركة - دراسة تحليلية-en_US
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