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Title: المأساة الوطنية في الرواية الجزائرية :قراءة في نماذج من الرواية الجزائرية الجديدة
Authors: عبد الحميد هيمة
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The Algerian novel has known considerable changes both at the level of content and artistic structure due to the phenomenon of terrorism. It has brought aspects of violence and blind terrorism that led to the loss of thousands of lives among Algerians. It has, morever, expressed grievously and using different aritistic tools the national tragedy. The present study is an attempt to inquire into the national tragedy in the Algerian modern novelist discourse through three novels : ‘The Candle and the Corridors’ by Tahar Wattar,’ The Lady of the Situation’ by Wassini Laradj.
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