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dc.contributor.authorناجي أوزليفي-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to focus on exploring the nature of designing hospital equipment, consisting of bed table model for the patient, based on anthropometric and biomechanical data. To do so, the researcher applied a registration form of anthropometric and biomechanical data on a sample of one hundred and ninety eight (198) male and female individuals (101 men and 97 women), aged from nine to sixteen years, and classified according to the treatment duration. The study revealed the lack of suitability in the design of the current model of the bed and table for the nine to sixteen years of age group ( males and females).en_US
dc.titleالتقويم الأرغونومي لطاولة وسرير المريض على ضوء المعطيات الأنثروبوميترية و البيوميكانيكيةen_US
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