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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Apr-2014An Improved Algorithm for Detection of Rotor Faults in Squirrel Cage Induction Motors Based on a New Fault IndicatorM. Sahraoui; S.E. Zouzou; A. Ghoggal; S. Guedidi; H. Derghal
21-Apr-2014An Improved Model of the Induction Machine Dedicated to Faults Detection - Extension of the ModifiedWinding FunctionA. Ghoggal; M. Sahraoui; A. Aboubou; S.E. Zouzou
23-Apr-2014Induction motors broken rotor bars detection using MCSA and neural network: experimental researchS. Guedidi; S. E. Zouzou; W. Laala; K. Yahia; M. Sahraoui
21-Apr-2014Modeling of Induction Machines with Skewed Rotor Slots Dedicated to Rotor FaultsS. E. Zouzou; A. Ghoggal; A. Aboubou; M. Sahraoui; H. Razik
21-Apr-2014Modelling and Detection of Inter-Turn Short Circuits in Stator Windings of Induction MotorM. Sahraoui; A. Ghoggal; S. E. Zouzou; A. Aboubou; H. Razik
24-Apr-2014Modèle Mathématique Dédie a la Simulation des Courts-Circuits Entre Spires des Enroulements Statoriques dans les Moteurs à InductionM. Sahraoui; A. Ghoggal; A. Aboubou; S. E. Zouzou
21-Apr-2014A New Method to Detect Inter-Turn Short-Circuit in Induction MotorsM. Sahraoui; S. E. Zouzou; A. Ghoggal; S. Guedidi
9-May-2014Simulation des Défauts Rotoriques dans le Moteur Asynchrone avec Prise en Compte de l’Inclinaison et de l’Ouverture des Encoches – Extension de la Fonction d’enroulement ModifiéeA. Ghoggal; M. Sahraoui; S. E. Zouzou; A. Aboubou
24-Apr-2014A Winding Function-Based Model of Air-gap Eccentricity in Saturated Induction MotorsA. Ghoggal; S.E. Zouzou; M. Sahraoui; H. Derghal; A. Hadri-Hamida