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Title: المجتمع المدني ضرورة وظيفية للدولة.
Authors: محمد عبد الكريم الحوراني
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The study showed that civil society structuring the collective responsibility, participatory, and improving the governmental performance, Besides, civil society puts an appropriate conditions for democracy, and embodies the structure that ensures the peoples right to object and protest, strengthening democratic practices and generates the genuine loyalty and citizenship. In addition, the study showed that legitimacy of state is connected to the presence of civil society which expresses the free will of citizens, Also, civil society Structuring the legitimacy of state in the base of moral responsibility, and avoiding state the dilemma of legitimacy crisis
Description: جامعة اليرموك، إربد، الأردن
ISSN: 2253-0347
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