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Title: آليات إصلاح الخدمة العمومية المحلية
Authors: قسمية, عتيقة
يعيش تمام, آمال
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2017
Publisher: univ-biskra
Abstract: In the last decade, Algeria has tried to improve the level of local public service, trying to reform it in line with the political, social and economic changes in general, and technological changes in particular, in order to make them a public service to the citizens of the same quality and quality of service provided in the private service sector. This study is aimed at clarifying the effectiveness and efficiency of the reform efforts adopted by the state at the level of its local administrations in order to meet the needs of the citizen and to look at his concerns, first by trying to improve their relationship on the one hand and by its local public facilities as public service providers. And to combat all types of administrative corruption, which negatively affect the level of providing the local public service to the citizen
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