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Title: Etude de la Flottation des Sulfures Par des Xanthates de Types (KAX) et (KIAX)
Authors: NEDJAR, Zohir
Keywords: Flotation
Xanthate (KIAX, KAX)
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The research undertaken focuses on understanding the interaction phenomena (adsorption, precipitation,) of organic molecules such thiols (Xanthates KAX, KIAX) on natural solids (Galena PbS, Sphalerite ZnS), From the low concentrations of collector , the organometallic layer presented on the surface of the mineral is mixed. It consists of a complex of the xanthate type of lead (-PbX, IR band at 1109 cm-1,- ZnX, IR band at 1103 cm-1), dixanthogen (X2 oxidized form of the molecule xanthate, IR band at 1276 cm-1), elemental sulfur (S°) and a certain proportion of initial surface oxide phases (Pb (OH)2, Zn (OH)2 and Cu (OH)2). Control potential of the pulp (PbS-water) and (ZnS-water) by the electrochemical method can give information on the adsorption of xanthate on the mineral surface of galénite (+57 mV) and the surface mineral sphalerite (+22mV). The addition of 10 -3 M pyridine and after activation treatment helps eliminate KAX hydroxides (Cu (OH)2, Pb (OH)2) on the surface of existing galena and reduction ions Cu2 + to Cu+ as a result of oxidation ions S2- elemental sulfur S ° and thus formation of a hydrophobic phase.
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