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Title: Full Design And Configuration O Enterprise Campus Network Using Cisco Devices And GNS3
Authors: Djouama, Mohamed Rabia
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2018
Abstract: Communication and the information transmission system have now become important tool. And for that we did a research on one of the most important communication technologies, full design and configuration of enterprise campus network which supported by several network devices and protocols has used to build the entire network, then we cannot forget the methods we followed to achieve the high performance and flexibility to any design we had chose to create. Our work is intended to study network design and configuration of campus network and test the connectivity of devices included, into each other or into the outside of the company such as internet or even another branch. Additionally, to ensure its availability if any part of the structure has been failed. Using emulator software which provided us with virtualization technologies to allow us emulate Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) and Windows OS (Operating System). One of the most important recommendations, Complete the remaining parts of the Design in particular configuration data center and policies of security, then we could use this project for any enterprise wants to expand its network to multiple branches with many users.
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