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Title: استخدام تكنولوجيا المعلومات و دورها في تحسين أداء العاملين
Authors: خوناش وفاء
Keywords: Information Technology - University Library - Workers - Performance
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2018
Abstract: University libraries are looking for the best way to use their resources and achieve their goals. Improving performance is the main guarantor of its success; it is one of the tools that can be followed by the application of information technology because it is an essential part of university libraries, allowing it to provide value-added services. The university library worker is effective and, despite great technological advances, his role can not be ruled out, and when we talk about information technology in university libraries, and what can provide and achieve the positive in terms of speed and precision, we do not hesitate to highlight the role of the worker. Therefore, our study consists in seeing the reality of the use of information technologies in the library of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Mohammed Khider Biskra, and evaluates the efficiency and the impact on the performance of the workers. The study has led to the use of information technology in the library to support the smooth operation of the library, with minimal effort and time, improving performance, allowing workers to improve their performance. New library services have become an important factor in saving time and effort for library workers, which is the challenge facing university library in the coming decades. This requires the university library worker to resist this revolution of introducing modern technology to the profession.
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