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Title: Synthèse, caractérisation et propriétés photocatalytiques des oxydes BaFe2O4 et CeO2
Authors: BOUCHEL, wissèm
Keywords: BaFe2O4, CeO2, photodegradation, XDR, FTIR, PSD UV-Vis, methyl red
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: The spinel BaFe2O4 and fluorites CeO2 type oxides were synthesized by sol gel and selfcombustion and characterized by various methods: DRX, FTIR, PSD, SEM and UV_Vis. Photocatalytic tests using the synthesized oxides are carried out to study the photodegradation of Methyl red.BaFe2O4 prepared by sol gel and CeO2 prepared by selfcombustion have given good results.
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