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Title: Verres d'oxydes lourds a base de Sb2O3, exploration, caractérisation physico-chimiques et application a l'amplification optique
Authors: Majda HAMZAOUI
Keywords: antimony oxyde glasses
glass domains
thermal properties
coefficient of thermal expansion
elastic modulus
magnetic properties
Er3 + doping
Judd-Ofelt theory
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This study focuses on the synthesis of glasses doped with erbium designed primarily for applications as optical amplifier. New glassy systems Sb2O3- M2O-ZnO, Sb2O3- M2O-MoO3 and Sb2O3- M2O-CdO-(M: Li, Na and K) were put in evidence. Several physical and optical measurements of the glasses (80-x) Sb2O3-20Na2O-xZnO and (80-x) Sb2O3-20Li2O-xMoO3 were determined such as the glass transition temperature, density, coefficient of thermal expansion, elastic modules, microhardness, viscosity and spectra in the UV-Vis-NIR. Luminescence study of erbium ions has been carried out on 70Sb2O3-20Na2O-10ZnO glasses doped with varying concentrations of Er2O3 by using absorption spectra in the UV-Vis-NIR, emission fluorescence and the time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. Some basic spectroscopic properties was made by applying Judd-Ofelt theory. These glasses are very stable and have a refractive index close to 2. The spectroscopic study of the Er3+ ion in this glass shows a good correlation between the theoretical judd-ofelt analysis and experimental measurements.
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