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Title: مستوى ممارسة التمكين الإداري في الشركات الصناعية الكبرى وعلاقته بتجسيد الأهداف الإستراتيجية لوزارة البيئة الأردنية- بحث ميداني -
Authors: د.أحمد على صالح
د.محمد ديب المبيضين
Keywords: Empowerment
Strategic Goals
Sustainable Development
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the relation between Managerial empowerment and accomplishing strategic objectives of Jordanian Ministry of environment, in order to achieve the study objectives, the researcher formulated two hypothesis, implemented on a sample from big industrial companies, where the study sample was (336) employee from these companies. The study depend at a questionnaire as a main tool collecting data from the study sample, the researcher analyzed the study sample by using standard deviation tests and coefficient correlation and finally (t) test. The study concluded to the following main conclusion: when the managerial empowerment increase, the ministry can increase its ability in accomplishing its strategic goals.The study recommends the following:  The necessity of adapting training programs as a supportive for ensuring continuous learning and environmental continuous.  The importance of empowerment concept at study sample.  The necessity of increasing the control and environmental programs at from Jordanian ministry of environmental side at companies
Description: جامعة الزيتونة الاردن
ISSN: 1112-7902
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