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Title: facial recognition using convolutional neural
Other Titles: informatique
Authors: zeghlache, mohamed
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: Identifying a person from his or her face is an easy task for humans. Is it the same for a machine? This de nes the problem of automatic face recognition, which has generated a great deal of research in recent years. Several tech- niques have been developed for face recognition, The purpose of this memoir is to implement a facial recognition application capable of recognizing faces using the convolutional neural network technique. Given the amount of po- tential software (security, social networks, ...) that can be based on this application, it must meet the requirements of speed and robust results. In this sense, the rst part of the application is to locate the faces in the test images. The second part of the application deals with the recognition of localized faces using a version of the VggNet architecture which is one of the CNN architectures. The results we have obtained are very encouraging. Keywords: facial recognition, convolutional neural networks, deep learn- ing.
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