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Title: راس المال الفكري وأثره على الإبداع والتفوق المؤسسي في الشركات الصناعية الأردنية
Authors: د. أسامة عبد المنعم
د.عبد الوهاب المطارنة
Keywords: intellectual capital innovation
institutional excellence
Jordanian industrial companies
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The study aims at showing the effects of intellectual capital on innovation and institutional excellence of the Jordanian industrial companies that are enlisted at Amman financial market , from the point of view of their top management . The population of the study is composed of said companies with total of (87) .As to the sample of the study it amounted to (31) companies , approximating 30% of the total population . To attain the purpose of the study a questioner was designed and distributed to (38) executive directors and heads of personal departments of the same companies . a total of (31) questioners were received and were subjected to the necessary statistical examinations which proved the existence of a positive correlation between the different elements of human capital on the one side and innovation and institutional excellence . of the Jordanian industrial companies , on the other this finding reflects the importance of intellectual capital in enhancing the competitiveness of the said companies , and in improving their efficiency , and consequently achieving their goals the study has , in addition showed the dependence of the said companies on incentives to attract intellectual capital instead of creating or developing it
Description: جامعة الزرقاء الخاصة الأردن
ISSN: 1112-7902
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