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Title: Realization of PWM control interface for a single-phase full-bridge inverter controlled by Arduino board
Other Titles: Electrotechnique
Authors: mansouri, zakaria
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: The current project has as major aim the design of a single-phase inverter for educational purposes. The main distinctive feature is the digital implementation of the PWM modulation with a graphical user interface. Since it’s lunch in 2005, Arduino it is a highly recommended option for the first approach to digital programming for students. In this work we aim to use the Arduino to make it easy to generating PWM control signal for single-phase inverter. There are already circuits available for generating PMW signals, we went further in customizing the way PWM is generated, and made a desktop application that provides a complete control of the generated PWM signal. At first, complete theoretical analysis will be made, including its applications and basic elements. Afterwards, we will be defined the specific characteristics of the desired inverter, and select components required.An essential part of the work relies on the programming desktop interface. For this reason, an insight into the technologies available will be made. Some options for will be discussed and the most suitable technology will be selected. Finally, the circuit will be implemented in a protoboard. And measurement of the control signals will be done, and compared with the theoretically calculated signals.
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