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Title: أثر أزمة الديون السياسية على واقع و مستقبل الوحدة النقدية
Authors: رواق خالد
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: Since 2002, launch of the euro single currency for the European Union, it seen as the embodiment of achieving these countries summit economic integration using a single currency across the Member States of the Union, and with the start of the euro has grown hopes for the single currency becoming a reserve currency of the First World. But the sovereign debt crisis in Greece and some other European countries have raised concerns mounting over the future of the European Union in general, and monetary union, the euro, in particular, wear threatened and threatening the outbreak of a new global financial crisis, may outweigh the severity of the global crisis of 2008. This study is trying to research the impact of the sovereign debt crisis on the euro's international status and possible scenarios for the future European monetary union.
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