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Title: كتب النوازل بين الاستعمال الفقهي والتوظيف التاريخي - المعيار المعرب للونشريسي أنموذجا-
Authors: الباحث: مسعود كربوع
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2014
Abstract: The stock of knowledge which contain books Nawaazil highlights the ability of Islamic law to keep pace with the temporal and spatial variables, with the availability of a study of the various transactions and historical events. The books Nawaazil are an important source must refer to it and benefit from it in historical research for the West, The study of encyclopedia Alnoazleh "Ma'yaar" authored by Faqih Abu al-Abbas Ahmad bin Yahya Alonharisa, one of the pillars of the Maliki school Maghreb, makes the researcher understands the mechanisms Islamic Maghreb in the Middle Ages, and this subject of the study.
ISSN: 2253-0347
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