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dc.contributor.authorأ.د/ نور الدين جبالي-
dc.contributor.authorأ/وردة يحياوي-
dc.description.abstractThe Multimodal therapy approach in psychotherapy developed by Arnold Lazarus as a reaction to constraints imposed by the traditional behavioral therapy and its was considered as a profound method in the treatment of personality disorders, where it deals essentially with the seven aspects of character represented in the formula BASIC ID .This method trying to treat the defect in the seven personal functions ; By diagnosing disorders in each side separately and then planning for therapeutic intervention through selective technique using various of trends techniques, without belonging necessarily to its principles, because the first objective of this method is to assist the patient to overcome his psychological pains by giving priority to his interests first.fr_FR
dc.titleاختبار فعالية برنامج انتقائي متعدد الأبعاد-نموذج أرنولد لازاروس- لعلاج الاكتئاب لدى المراهقة المتمدرسة (دراسة حالة)fr_FR
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