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Title: مستوى الضغط النفسي لدى ممرضي الاستعجالات
Authors: جديدي_خديجة, حيتامة_لبنى
Keywords: Psychological stress، nurses ،emergency
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2023
Abstract: The subject of the study focuses on the problem of psychological stress among emergency nurses. Our aim was to understand the phenomenon of psychological stress and its impact (both psychologically and physically) on nurses. We posed the following question: What is the level of psychological stress among emergency nurses at Bashir bin Nasser Hospital in Biskra? To answer the research question، we employed a descriptive-analytical methodology. We applied the Levenstein et al. scale on a purposive sample of 30 nurses، with a requirement that they have at least two or more years of experience. The study's results revealed that: The level of psychological stress is high among nurses in the ؛Emergency department at Bashir bin Nasser Hospital (Biskra).
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