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Title: Interactive Volumetric Textures based on reconstruction method
Authors: Babahenini Mohamed Chaouki
Djedi NourEddine
Keywords: Real time, Image layers, Level of details, Textures volumetric, Voxel coloring
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2014
Abstract: In this paper we present a method for interactively rendering complex repetitive scenes. It consists to integrate reconstruction method (voxel coloring) into volumetric textures using image layers. Our approach start from a set of images of the reference element, which will be converted in a second phase into a whole of layers (2D images considered as transparent textures), those are projected and composed successively on surface defined as volumetric grid using the Z-buffer algorithm. The model suggested allows realistic rendering of repetitive complex scenes with lower cost of calculation due to the effective exploitation of the capacities of graphics hardware and to the fact that it takes account of the level of detail according to the distance of the observer and the vision angle, in the representation of the reference element
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