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Title: التنمية السياحية المستدامة في الجزائر
Authors: د/ فضيل حضري
أ/ وهيبة بوربعين
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2014
Abstract: This study aims to highlight the role of tourism in development as a necessary activity to people's lives, and their direct impact on the various sectors. In fact, the international interest in tourism was not a coincidence, or speculation, but it is based on a firm belief in the international community, including organizations and institutions that tourism through what will be stirred from direct contacts and spontaneous is influenced by the media, between men and women come from different cultures, and follow divergent lifestyles, represent a vital force for peace, and a factor to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of the world, and the logic of a factor to reconcile environmental protection and economic development, and the fight against poverty in a sustainable manner
ISSN: 2253-0347
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