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Title: حوادث السياقة في الجزائر: و ضعها و حدودها (مقاربة سيكواجتماعية ﻹتجاهات السائقين نحو السلامة المرورية).
Authors: أ/ محمد سبع
الباحث: عبد اللطيف بكوش
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2014
Abstract: Over the recent years traffic in Algerian has witnessed a rapid increase and a dramatic rate of road accident. This unprecedented toll is often caused by human factor and leads to tremendous losses in both life and property despite the campaigns of awareness and measures. Therefore, this phenomenon requires a deep investigation and an appropriate strategy for training drivers and improving their performance. This paper rests on social-psychology approach which covers and links together the drivers' knowledge behavior, and attitudes, and thus tries to answer one major question: How do drivers look at or perceive road security? Statistical methods and analyses are used in this present study in order to strengthen the components of scientificity and validity; to attain reliable and effective solutions
ISSN: 2253-0347
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