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Title: Fuzzy Adaptive Approach to Nonlinear Systems Control
Authors: Noureddine Golea
Amar Golea
Mohamed Boumehrez
Mohamed Kadjoudj
Keywords: Non-linear systems, TS fuzzy system, Adaptive control, Stability, Robustness, Induction motor.
Issue Date: 25-Nov-2014
Abstract: We consider a direct fuzzy adaptive control of continuous-time nonlinear systems. The proposed adaptive scheme uses a Takagi-Seguno (TS) fuzzy controller, which allows the inclusion of a priori information in terms of qualitative knowledge about the plant operating points or analytical conventional regulators for those operating points. The closed loop dynamic is proven to be asymptotically stable, and robust against external disturbance and approximation error. The proposed approach performance is evaluated on an induction motor control problem.
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