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Title: Birefringence properties of magneto-optic rib waveguide as a function of refractive index
Authors: Abdesselam Hocini
Ahmed Bouchelaghem
Djamel Saigaa
Mounir Bouras
Touraya Boumaza
Mohamed Bouchemat
Keywords: Magneto optic · Birefringence · Rib waveguide · Integrated optics
Issue Date: 25-Nov-2014
Abstract: We report on the theoretical study of magneto optical rib waveguides with two kinds of silica type matrix doped by magnetic nanoparticles and made by sol– gel process (SiO2/ZrO2 film or SiO2/TiO2). The mode propagation and the light confinement are simulated using software based on a Film Mode Matching method. The modeling is based on geometrical adjustments of the rib waveguide. We propose from those results magneto optical waveguide geometries for optical integrated applications.
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