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Title: Analysis of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Effects on Learners’ Speaking A Case Study of First Year Pupils at High Schools of Bordj Bou Arreridj
Authors: Ms. Ibtissem LAGGOUN
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: One of the most difficult problems of unsuccessful English instruction in Algeria is that learners lack particular vocabulary knowledge and the right intonation which can influence their speaking skill or pronunciation. Another problem is that most schools in Algeria still teach with the traditional method, in addition to the lack of technology inside classrooms. Thus, they must be adapted to accommodate new learning technologies. The aim of the present research work is an attempt to examine if the use of computers as a pedagogical strategy can help EFL learners develop their speaking abilities or not. For this purpose, the methodology of this research is qualitative and quantitative that is why two research tools (questionnaires for teachers and pupils and an interview with pupils) were used to investigate whether the use of computers help learners develop their speaking abilities. The results obtained revealed that using computers in teaching EFL learners speaking was very successful. The questionnaires’ results led us to assert the significance of computers in the language classroom and the positive impact of using it on pupils’ achievement in speaking. As a conclusion, we can say that computers offer a relaxing atmosphere, enhance language activities and develop pupils' speaking skill and participation in the classroom. These are designed to assist the instructor and the learner by providing an out-of-class venue for the presentation and drill of a number of tasks of semantic and morphological acquisition which require of learners a significant amount of rote memorization. Therefore, we stress the necessity of their use in the Algerian educational setting.
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