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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Feb-2016Modeling theeffectofdeeptrapsonthecapacitance–voltage characteristicsofp-typeSi-dopedGaAsSchottkydiodes grownonhighindexGaAssubstratesNouredineSengouga; RamiBoumaraf; RiazH.Mari; AfakMeftah; Dler Jameel; NoorAlSaqri; MohsinAzziz; DavidTaylor; MohamedHenini
27-Feb-2016Computer modelling and analysis of the photodegradation effect in a-Si:H p–i–n solar cellA.F Bouhdjar; L. Ayat; AM. Meftah; N. Sengouga; AF. Meftah
28-Feb-2016Extraction of the defect density of states in microcrystalline silicon from experimental results and simulation studiesT. Tibermacine; A. Merazga; M. Ledra; N. Ouhabab
27-Feb-2016MPX Detectors as LHC Luminosity MonitorAndr´e Sopczak; Babar Ali; Nedaa Asbah; Benedikt Bergmann; Khaled Bekhouche; Davide Caforio; Michael Campbell4, Erik Heijne1, Claude Leroy2, Anna Lipniacka5, Marzio Nessi4, Stanislav Posp´ıˇsil1, Frank Seifert1, Jaroslav ˇSolc1, Paul Soueid2, Michal Suk1, Daniel Tureˇcek1, Zdenˇek Vykydal1
27-Feb-2016First-principles investigationofelectronicandopticalpropertiesand thermodynamic stabilityofZn1 xBexO semiconductoralloySaid Lakel; FatimaElhamra; K.Almi; H.Meradji
27-Feb-2016Effect of top-cell CGS thickness on the performance of CGS/CIGS tandem solar cellM. Elbar; S. Tobbeche; A. Merazga
27-Feb-2016Numerical simulation of CGS/CIGS single and tandem thin-film solar cells using the Silvaco-Atlas softwareM. Elbar; S. Tobbeche
27-Feb-2016Numerical simulation of the effect of the free carrier motilities on light-soaked a-Si:H p–i–n solar cellL. Ayat; A. F. Bouhdjar; AF. Meftah; N. Sengouga
27-Feb-2016Density functionalperturbationtheorycalculations of vibrationalandthermodynamicproperties of Zn1 xBexO alloysSaid Lakel; FatimaElhamra; K.Almi; H.Meradji
27-Feb-2016Tunneling recombination mechanism in n-type a-Si:H steady state regimeTobbeche Souad; Merazga Amar