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Title: DSC study of recrystallization in wiredrawn industrial copper
Authors: Lahcene Fellah
Zakaria Boumerzoug
Keywords: X-ray diffraction; DSC; Industrial Copper; Wiredrawing; Recrystallization; Dislocation density.
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2016
Abstract: The goal of this work is to investigate the recrystallization reaction in cold wiredrawn industrial copper. We have used a differential scanning calorimetry and X-ray Diffraction techniques. The stored and apparent activation energies have been determined by differential scanning calorimetry under isochronal conditions. The differential scanning calorimetry results have been analyzed using models developed by Kissinger, Ozawa, Boswell, and Starink. In addition, the transformed fraction, as a function of temperature, and some kinetic parameters have been determined. We have found that cold wiredrawn affects some microstructure proprieties of the material, such the increase of stored and apparent activation energies, and dislocation density after deformation.
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