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Title: Inhomogeneous barrier height effect on the current–voltage characteristics of an Au/n-InP Schottky diode
Authors: Kamal Zeghdar
Lakhdar Dehimi
Achour Saadoune
Nouredine Sengouga
Keywords: simulation; SDB; Silvaco; InP; temperature; I –V –T
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2016
Abstract: We report the current–voltage (I –V ) characteristics of the Schottky diode (Au/n-InP) as a function of temperature. The SILVACO-TCAD numerical simulator is used to calculate the I –V characteristic in the temperature range of 280–400 K. This is to study the effect of temperature on the I –V curves and assess the main parameters that characterize the Schottky diode such as the ideality factor, the height of the barrier and the series resistance. The I –V characteristics are analyzed on the basis of standard thermionic emission (TE) theory and the inhomogeneous barrier heights (BHs) assuming a Gaussian distribution. It is shown that the ideality factor decreases while the barrier height increases with increasing temperature, on the basis of TE theory. Furthermore, the homogeneous BH value of approximately 0.524 eV for the device has been obtained from the linear relationship between the temperature-dependent experimentally effective BHs and ideality factors. The modified Richardson plot, according to the inhomogeneity of the BHs, has a good linearity over the temperature range. The evaluated Richardson constant A was 10.32 A cm􀀀2 K􀀀2, which is close to the theoretical value of 9.4 A cm􀀀2 K􀀀2 for n- InP. The temperature dependence of the I –V characteristics of the Au/n-InP Schottky diode have been successfully explained on the basis of the thermionic emission (TE) mechanism with a Gaussian distribution of the Schottky barrier heights (SBHs). Simulated I –V characteristics are in good agreement with the measurements [Korucu D, Mammadov T S. J Optoelectronics Advanced Materials, 2012, 14: 41]. The barrier height obtained using Gaussian Schottky barrier distribution is 0.52 eV, which is about half the band gap of InP.
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