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Title: Etude structurale et spectroscopique des verres d’oxyde d’antimoine dopés par les ions Er3+
Authors: Karima Ouannes
Keywords: Verres d’oxyde d’antimoine, propriétés thermiques, spectroscopie vibrationnelle IR, spectroscopie Raman, Erbium, spectroscopie optique, les paramètres Judd-Ofelt, luminescence, déclin de luminescence
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2016
Abstract: ABSTRACT : The novel oxide glass compositions based on Sb2O3 are elaborated and characterized, in two systems: 60Sb2O3-20WO3-(20-X)Na2O-XBi2O3 (SWNB), and (90-X)Sb2O3-10Na2O-XBi2O3 (SNB). We are interested by bismuth rates incorporated into the glass, its effect on the different physical properties that have been measured, and especially, in radiative and spectroscopic properties of erbium ions in these glasses. These glasses are easy to prepare. Their physical, optical and spectroscopic properties were determined and dependent on the Bi2O3 content. Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) measurements show an improvement of the stability factor of the glasses, which can indicate a reinforcement of the network. Both FTIR and Raman have also been considered in terms of bismuth influence. The phonon energy is an interesting data; the values of the phonon energy are 920 cm-1 and 700 cm-1 for SWNB and SNB glasses, respectively. Spectroscopic properties of Er3+ ions have been studied in the Sb2O3-WO3-Na2O-Bi2O3 (SWNB) and Sb2O3-Na2O-Bi2O3 (SNB) glasses doped with 0.25 and 0.50 mol% Er2O3. The Judd-Ofelt parameters measured from the absorption spectra have been used to calculate the radiative life-time ( ) and the stimulated emission cross section. The low phonon energy, a reduced quenching effect and a high quantum efficiency of 90% for the 1.53 µm expected laser emission into pumping at 980 nm are in favor of promising material laser application.
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