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Title: A Model of Feedback Made on Students’ Writing Case Study: “Second Year Student at the University Centre of Khenchela”
Authors: Sabrina BAGHZOU
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2016
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of content feedback on students’ writing performance. We hypothesize that using content feedback would improve students’ writing. We follow the Process Approach. The participants in this study are second year students in the department of English at the university centre of Khenchela. Our sample is made up of sixty students divided into a control group and an experimental one. Our study starts with a pre-test for the two groups under the same conditions. Then during a period of three months, the experimental group writes multiple essays and benefits from content feedback, whereas the control group writes about the same topics and follows the same stages but receives no feedback. After that, a post-test is conducted for the two groups and again under the same conditions. Then, the quantitative data from the two groups are compared and analyzed. The comparison shows that students’ writing in the experimental group highly improves and the number of mistakes decreases due to content feedback. Thus, our hypothesis that the use of content feedback would improve students’ writing is clearly proved. We also make use of questionnaires directed to both teachers and students in order to know more about their opinions, perceptions and attitudes.
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