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Title: A combined experiïnental and simulation study on the effects of irradiance and terflperatlire on pTiotovoltaic rnodules.
Authors: F.Zaoui
M. Becherit
M. Emziane
Keywords: photovoltaic panelplolycristalin, temperature, perfon]]ance analysis, indoor otltdoor test.
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2016
Abstract: Solar cell is one of the crucial components in photovoltaic systems. Silicon soiar moduies are r,videly usecl in the Fl"rotovoltaic (FV) indirstry. t1-," silicàn PV electrical performance is clescribed by its clu'rentvoltage (i-V) chaiacieriétic, w]-,ich is as funciion of the tlevice used anci maierial propeities. This stucl;r prorù.r' a éomparison bei-ween a simpliûed PV-cell and module model and its parameierization' gr-raranteeing that the I-V characieristic crii'ves fit vritir ihe rypical pcinTs gi'ren by manitfaciul':i!' àatasheets àd exper-iraentai data. The PV performance sir-rdy is carriecl ont as function oî the jr:nctioi-i iemperature and insoiation. This contribution gives an overvie.,r, o.uer PV moclule clefects ai'icl degraclatiorr.
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