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Title: الوقف والتنمية الاجتماعية، علاقة تلازمية.
Authors: زمام, نور الدين
يحياوي, نجاة
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2013
Abstract: Currently, there are many scientific studies on the manner to apply the Islamic “Waqf” in the fields of economics, social life. This article falls within the social aspect of the" waqf", the waqf can contribute to the creation and development of many social services. We try in this article show that by shining a light on the relationship with cessation of development social development, an area which has become characteristic of this age, due to the growth of civil society organizations, to meet the wide range of social needs, and work together with state institutions in order to achieve social and economic requirements and cultural rights of individuals society.
ISSN: 2253-0347
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