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Title: السلوك الانتحاري لدى الشباب في المجتمع الجزائري دراسة تحليلية لإحصائيات الانتحار بولاية جيجل للفترة (2000 –2008)
Authors: إبراهيم بوالفلفل
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The phenomenon of suicide has known a large spread , its rates attend a worried limits in contemporary societies especially the occidental ones .Although suicide doesn’t know the previous development in the Arabic and Islamic societies .Although the weak rate of suicide, this phenomenon expresses a humanistic tragedy known by the Contemporary Societies ,among them the Algerian Society . We will try in this paper to shed light on Phenomenon of suicid between Algerian youth.
ISSN: 2253-0347
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