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Title: فن التفاوض الأيوبي ودبلوماسية الصليبيين خلال الحملة الصليبية الثالثة على الشرق (587 – 588 هـ/ 1191 – 1192م).
Authors: أشرف صالح محمد سيد
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The subject of this study is the negotiations that took place between the Sultan Saladin and the King Richard the Lion-Heart for a full year (1191 - 1192 AD). The aim of the research not listed historical events, but study and analysis some of important aspects, namely: the reasons that prompted the Crusaders to sit at the negotiating table, and the fact of the idea of intermarriage political proposed by Richard the Lion-heart to marry his sister, from the brother of Salah al-Din, then who is responsible for the death of the Marquis Conrad, and finally the General Armistice that ended the events of negotiations between the two sides
Description: جامعة ابن رشد، هولندا
ISSN: 2253-0347
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